A Red Letter Aplomado Hawking Day - By Oscar Beingolea

The Aplomado Falcon-By Robert L. Giroux

Experiences in Breeding Aplomado Falcons - By James Ingram

Hunting With the Aplomado Falcon In The U.S.- By James Ingram

The Versatility Of The High-Mettled Aplomado- By James Ingram

Pheasant Hunting with Aplomados Falcons- by James Ingram

Opportunity Knocks - By Pete Jungemann

A Falcon For The Bush - By Harry McElroy

Boomerang, the Austringer's Gyr - By Harry McElroy

Cooperative Quail Hunting with the Aplomado - By Harry McElroy

Quintessential - By Harry McElroy

This Was Their Finest Hour - By Harry McElroy

The Indefatigable Accipiter and Southern Quail - By Harry McElroy

Gyyraplo: A Second Look - Harry McElroy

Correcting Insufficient Weight Loss in Artificially Incubated Falcon Eggs - By Jim Nelson

Hood Training Using High-Level Tidbitting by - By Jim Nelson

In Search Of L'Alethe - By Jim Nelson

L'Alethe Reborn - By Jim Nelson

On Choosing An Aplomado: Part One - By Jim Nelson

On Choosing An Aplomado: Part Two - By Jim Nelson

Quatrains For L'Alethe (Couplets In Iambic Pentameter) By Jim Nelson

The Aplomado Falcon in the 21st Century - By Jim Nelson

Using The Aba As A Brail - By Jim Nelson

Rain Sage - By Stacia A. Novy

Bird Abatement Using Falconry Techniques and The Aplomado Falcon- By Bob Payne

Aplo-Fan-Tasia - By Carlos Tello Quiroz

Aplomados - Observations and Useful Hints In Falconry of a Latin American Beauty - Carlos Tello Quiroz​

Hawking Late Season Valley Quail by Jim Nelson

Gyrmado by Bill Johnston and Steve Bowers

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